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Buying a new home is an exciting journey!  I would be honored to share this adventure with you.  It is my pleasure to show you great houses in hopes that we will find your perfect home.

My Philosophy:  Many Realtors are high-pressure salespeople who push for quick deals just to make a sale.  This is not my style.  I believe that my job as a Realtor is to take the time to find out what you are looking for and show you homes that meet your needs. There is never a reason to talk you into a sale because when we find the house that feels like home, you will know it!  That is what is most important to me.

Whether buying or selling a home, I have found that my customers truly appreciate learning about potential problem areas in a home or neighborhood early in the process.  My goal is to identify any undesirable aspects of a home that could take away from the value of the property while also pointing out benefits and possible improvements that could increase the value of the home.   With clear communication and knowledge from day one, there will be no surprises at closing.

My Clients:  I welcome buyers and sellers and enjoy working in any price range.  Whether you have bought and sold many homes over the years or you are a first-time home buyer, I am the Realtor for you!

First Time Buyers:  Buying a home for the first time is exciting, but it can be overwhelming too.  I believe that slowing down the process and spending extra time makes a world of difference.   I promise to spend as much time as it takes for you to find your perfect home.  It is of upmost importance to me for you to feel valued and comfortable every step of the way.

My Goal:  My number one priority is to manage all aspects of the process in such a way that your only task is to decide which house will be your next home.  My clients are my number one priority.  It is my hope that your experience buying or selling a home with me will be so easy and enjoyable that you will share your experience with your friends and family.  I believe that when people treat others with dignity and respect, their experience will be one that they will share with others.  I appreciate when my clients refer me.  This is the greatest compliment and I am humbled by the honor.

My Resources:  Step one in buying a home is pre-approval.   I have a list of excellent lenders that I would love to share with you.   I have a strict policy when it comes to professionals that I recommend: they must treat my customers well or I do not work with them.  Please ask me about my list of trustworthy Inspectors, Contractors, Lenders, Insurers and Designers.

Bought a Single Family home in Bucyrus, KS

If you are considering a realtor and don’t want to read this whole thing, stop now and call Peter. You will be good to go. Peter Colpitts is probably the best realtor in KS / MO and likely one of the top in the nation. I have experience working with numerous realtors, having sold and purchased multiple homes. Additionally, I work in executive search, which has some similarities to the realty industry and understand some aspects firsthand as an agent and people manager. My process started vetting out three of the top-rated realtors in the Kansas City area. All were good. However, Peter stood out. He listened the most closely and was the only one that did not start sending my properties right away because he wanted to have a follow-up call to develop my criteria and make sure he was aligned. The entire experience was excellent. Peter showed up to every property with a packet and, having done his diligence. During the showings, he was very hands-on, calling out the pros and cons of the properties, future resale potential, and making us aware of maintenance responsibilities. At the same time, he gave my wife and me the space to talk amongst ourselves as needed and accommodate our young children. There was never any selling pressure. In a couple of cases, we knew we weren’t interested in the first ten minutes, and Peter was the first to suggest leaving if we knew it wasn’t a fit. His guidance through the offer and negotiation process was top-notch. We had expert counsel and patience through to the acceptance. And it got even better after we signed the contract. The support through setting up inspections and coordinating was always on point. During our home inspection, Peter took six pages of notes, guided me on questions to ask the inspector, and if I didn’t know differently, I would have perhaps thought he was doing the inspection himself. I also ran a self-administered water quality test which is a two-person operation. Guess who stood by my side, helping me with the testing kit while my wife watched our children? Peter remained on top of things to the closing. We had a couple of issues at the last minute but got through it because we had Peter running point to represent our best interest. Even after the closing, he continued to provide support answering questions and providing referrals. His communication was excellent. The only time he was not available was when he was with another client. And when we were with him, he never answered his phone. We always had his full attention. My only feedback for improvement would be for Peter to work less. I don’t know when this guy sleeps or eats. He is a machine. My entire family had a fantastic experience working with him. He is professional, respectful, takes pride in his work, and so much more. Earnestly and wholeheartedly, I recommend Peter Colpitts.

Amit P